Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art for Cancer group on

Sending greetings to all on this beautiful sunshine filled Blue Mountains day...I'm enjoying the last of these warm days as autumn approaches...soon it will be a long brrrrr in these here hills... Below you'll find a banner for Art for Cancer which you can click on to see one of my pieces of artwork, along with many other beautiful works by members ..the group has been has been formed by the gracious, Cid Palacio whose work can also be viewed and purchased in this group and site. ART for cancer on ImageKind I'm meeting so many wonderful fellow artists on this site..recently I've come across the beautiful and haunting photography of Ariana who now, as I've learnt also has a blog! Yeah Ariana! Please visit us when you can! I'll be back soon with more 'one question' interviews! Wishing all of you well wherever you are....

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