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NEW CD RELEASE! An Interview with Australian Jazz Diva, Maggie Britton

L to R Wil Sargisson piano, Willy Qua Drums Sax Flute, Maggie, Col Atkinson Bass and Arranger, Al Cesario Drums. 

Janice:  Maggie, you're new band is sounding hot, not to mention looking very cool. How did this lineup come about Maggie?

Maggie:  About 3 years ago I heard Wil Sargisson and Willy Qua playing with Galapagus Duck and met them after the performance. Col Atkinson I got to know when he was playing at our local jazz club so next time I was offered a gig I contacted them and we have been working together and having a great time ever since.
Janice: You have a new album coming out. Where did you record your new CD? Maggie: Lovestreet Studios on the Gold Coast, great studio and an exceptional engineer Scott French. Janice: Hey Maggie, that's great. What's next on the agenda for you and the band? Maggie: Making a video clip for the first single Indigo Eyes, promoting the album ‘Live at Lovestreet’ because we made it to share and we will be doing the same with some nice…