Friday, February 27, 2009

An Interview with Shele Parker

Jan.s: Shele, We've only met recently but there's a sense of like- mindedness. You're on a journey of discovery through a number of creative means...tell us about one of them. Shele: Which one? (laughing). I only just today finished a painting, but later tonight I intend on writing for my next zine, and then I'll work on some photos I've taken...(seriously!) The one thing that serves as an umbrella to all of my creative endeavours is the themes which I tend to work within. Whether its a painting, writing, photography, drawing, or modelling, I work on the principle of celebrating the ordinariness of everyday life. I am constantly inspired due to the practice of observing 'ordinariness'. By ordinariness, I mean to include everything one commonly considers as humdrum, or boring, and definitely and absolutely those things that people don't even consider because they're so very common. This is the platform from which I like to operate on. An image can spark a story, a conversation a comic strip... Working on the theme of ordinariness is also therapeutic for me as much as it is professional. I am for the most part, for many of my days inspired and content, as it is the simple things that impress and amaze me. It reinforces within me that it is the simple things that are the most poignant, and certainly, the most important. That's my answer, hope you like it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please visit my art site bentensmiling on

Greetings! At last the sun is shining in the Blue Mountains without the intensity of a few weeks back. As always I love discovering other artists sites on the net and especially blogs...Here is one I love...and my apologies if it doesn't link as I'm having trouble doing so...unfortunately you will have to cut an paste until I figure this out! Along with this I've just put some new images of mine up on my art site on including one taken from a friends home in the Blue Mountains.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Giving thanks, from the heart to all who touch our lives

What a week! With raging bushfires in Victoria and such a tragic loss of life, loved animals, native flora and wildlife...My thoughts and prayers go out to all. To a talented actor and kindly soul, Reg Evans with whom I had the great good fortune to work with alongside Theatre Director, Beverly Melbourne many years ago, I would like to pay tribute to you and your partner Angela...and to all who perished in the fires in Victoria. Om mani padma hung. 'May all beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. May all beings attain enlightenment. Now here on a rainy old Blueys afternoon...after such a contrast of temperatures in the 40's last Saturday, I give thanks for this precious life and wish that all beings be free from harm. Taking respite from the weeks ravages, I've discovered a little bit of inspiration on the following blog...As I'm knew to blogging I still can't figure out quite where to put things! Nonetheless here it is! As a child the world of small toys, especially anything 'old world' captured my imagination and gave me delight...As an adult it still inspires me...The effigies made of human beings cross all cultures and yet are symbols that can embody the myths and magic that speak of our dreams and every day lives... Come and Be Inspired!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Interview with Michele Addey!

Jan.s: Michele! I met you when you were a child...a highly emotive child who I easily related to! Your readiness to be in the centre of where the action was was evident even at the age of four! Whilst that was so long ago...Tell me something that's been important to you from those crazy London days! Michele: It's hard to relate to that age and place for me now, but I know for sure the need to be independent has never left me. I remember needing to be in the whirlwind, but really as an observer. I like to slowly pass out the bits of information I can glean from watching. Before I make myself out to be some sort of smarty pants, I also like to be amused. That's probably most of it. I enjoy sitting back an allowing others to entertain me. Observation is a truly underrated trait. At that time, (the early '70's) my mother and family had such an amazing and varied group of super talented friends in all areas of the arts. Certainly not a straight crowd in any way, but that manifested the understanding that any kind of intolerance or bigotry is learned. That lesson I try really hard to impress on (my son) Mick. We live in a relatively conservative and unvaried community. When he was two, he met an east Indian man, and the first thing he said was "you're brown, like the leaves". It was Autumn. I didn't say anything, and let them have a discussion. There was no awkwardness, just honesty, and I thought that turned out exactly the way it should've. for your reference: photos: jan.s & michele...lundun daze early 70's. jamie schmidt & michele (t.v.pals) Michele Addey : On TV : Home & Garden Television Source: Originally from England, Michele Addey is an arts aficionado and loves pretty things. Her yen for design began as a budding artist in college where she majored in Fine Arts and went on to study painting in Paris. She has worked as a scenic artist for the stage, commercials and blockbuster movies, Share