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Dear bentenlaughing friends.

I hope you enjoy Arterial Flow's new collaboration with gifted Brazilian singer/songwriter ERLER PINHO

Some months back I invited Lee to translate our song Strange Day into Portuguese.

Arterial Flow's "Strange Day" beautifully reinterpreted & translated by Brazilian singer/songwriter, ERLER PINHO.

Arterial Flow members live on distant shores from me so it's an often slow process in developing tracks.  We rely on goodwill and our shared love of experimentation.  After ERLER PINHO translated Strange Day he then added a vocal to our original track. I decided it required a new treatment especially for him.  Kirk Kadish brought it magically to full realization and included my original backing vocals!  Thanks again Kirk & ERLER.  I love the final mix.

In the new year I hope to do an interview with Erler so that you can learn more of his own formidable music as he's a great singer/songwriter .  Cheers from the Blue Mountains of A…

I am a dancer!

Like stormy nights
lightning strikes
zig zag movements running across the sky
my dance is my drawing

(excerpt from I am a dancer: janice slater
(c) 1990's)

Drawing: (c) & courtesy of Jacqueline van Leeuwenstein. Arnhem, Nederlands