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The present

Not a line one can put a mark on

easily described

I keep the fire burning.  Fan the flames & tell of things transforming

Acts of improbabilities
Acts of opportunism
A decisive dance of daring
Of the undutiful
A collection plate of profferings

fight still igniting discontent

Of the gold and glitterings
Of the want to be better thans

Forgettings of
We'll abide with thees
Of climbing roses

Where does it lead?

A leash on the heart on the path of wisdom?

Janice Slater (c) 1980
photo: Janice Slater (c) 2015 Blue Mountains NSW Australia


I've also some exciting news to share with you that I'm now a guest Curvie on Curved Radio so do tune in as they stream all over the world!

TUNE IN to listen to not only the tracks I love but all of the other WONDERFUL CURVIES from around the globe! Thank you for honouring me, CURVED RADIO with the chance to share my love of music not only with fellow Curvies from around the world but with you the fab listeners!

Written by the Curvie Crew.

Janice Slater (Australia) :  is one of those giants on whose shoulders the Australian music industry stands.  Her long and distinguished solo career informed and inspired generations of women who followed. Over her glorious career she has also sung with and supported many of the greats including The Four Tops, Billy Preston, Lesley Gore, Lou Rawls, Sammy Davis Jnr, Shirley Bassey … the list goes on and on.  She has been a mentor and teacher in theatre, film and music, was the vocal coach for the Australian movie Starstruck, direct…


Dear fellow readers and bloggers.  Apologies that I don't get a chance to visit here often enough. I do think of you and hope all is well in your world.

As I'm mainly concentrating on my music 'ARTERIAL FLOW' links as follows; my focus keeps returning there and there are only so many hours in a day but one of my intentions is to attempt to type up some of my writing at least daily!  No mean feat!  I've always written but I'm not published but am looking for outlets but the main focus is still my music.  I'll share some new tracks and links with you all on the post after this!  In the meantime, here is a wee poem written some time back which I've just edited today!  I hope you enjoy FROG! (I hope to find an image to follow)


Frog uses her hands to grip hold of something.

Frog leap frogs to her destination.

Frog is smiling.

Frog knows how to sit very  still and be in the moment.

Janice Slater
© 2015