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Acharya Upendra Roy 1942-2006

To acknowledge my teachers I wanted to talk about my first yoga teacher Acharya.

I was saddened to learn of his passing in 2006.  I'd lost contact with Acharya many years ago when I moved out of the city.

I am pleased to find that his Yoga School still exists. Acharya began it in 1969 and it is still going strong!

Memories flooded back on reading Acharya Upendra Roy's obituary. The author describes the smell of incense and the Indian ragas which Acharya would have playing in his Pitt Street studio. My own  include  cups of tea and a sense of nervous anticipation when Acharya would invite us to read aloud,  from the ancient Indian text the Bhagavad Gita.

No coercion , no expectations of following a Guru, although Aharya did  introduce us to the meaning of Guru, he more so  invited us to share any insights we might glean from our readings.

Acharya's presence embodied peace. He imparted the strengths gained from not only the physical yoga but the yoga of the mind.

Thank …

Great kindness....

Up untill now I've said little about the teachers who have nurtured me...although I have dedicated this blog to them.  I have not followed a single path and thus have felt that perhaps it's not my right to claim a closeness to those that I will now come to name.

What I can say is that I've received great benefit from their guidance and to share, if only a photo or a link is what I can do.

From the time I was a small child the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth spoke to me... that Jesus included children and animals in his keeping was something profoundly important to me, along with the outcasts and the ill and the poor.

In my late teens when I experienced my first brush with the impermanence of life, I found a teacher from another culture and tradition who would equally nurture me.... Paramahansa Yogananda's biography guided me back to well being after a close encounter with death...In his beautiful eyes I experienced an unconditional love that transcended time and sp…

Devastating Floods in Queensland (and beyond).....

The people of Queensland, Australia need your help after devastating floods...if you can help in any way please visit:


Earlier in the year I did a couple of interviews with my friend, Bobi Petch for bentenlaughing. Finally we were to meet up again after many years...!!

A wonderful day was shared in Sydney...a big thank you to both Bobi and Gay for making my Christmas 2010 especially wonderful.  May you and yours enjoy an auspicious 2011.

This is one of our oldest Art Deco Arcades in Sydney. The Strand...renovated in recent years and looking its stunning self at Christmas.