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Geneen Roth

I listened to a great interview with Geneen Roth last night on a podcast on wasn't familiar with Geneen's work or books but she was talking about what happened to her when she fell on hard times...the dire straights she found herself in, lead to a self enquiry which allowed her to make peace with herself. Through discovering a sense of spaciousness the grip of her past 'identity' held no hold on her...from this place she found renewal ...Here's the link to that interview and further down her homepage

Geneen Roth

Autumn Warmups!!

With winter around the corner in the Land of Oz I've collected some recipes from family and friends to warm the cockles of your heart.

From David Rowland's kitchen, a Blues pioneer of Australian music ..(drummer/Phil Jones & the Unknown Blues) ...(and interestingly enough with one of my own Mum's favourites) - a down to the bone recipe from his kitchen too!

Pea & Ham for the Winter Blues

Get a ham-bone from the butchers and a pack of dried split
peas from the supermarket. Rinse the peas and leave to soak. Put it all in a
pot and cook until tender. Season to taste and enjoy:)

Thanks David.

I've decided to cook it tonight!!!!Can't wait to tell you how it went!! The report is, not as good as Mums!!!

Now for a recipe from my cousin Kerry Thorp! That same cousin who was born in America. I wanted to hang out with that cowboy kid and indeed I did but I never got to wear the suit! Well here's one of that cowboy's  favourite recipes...

..and an abfab piccie o…

An Interview with Carrie Dique

Jan.s: Carrie, we first met when we lived in the same street in Hunters Hill. It was on a sunny Saturday afternoon and there was a wedding taking place in your front yard and your yard was a buzz with activity….I soon discovered that not only was it the marriage of one of your daughters but that you had a host of  daughters who were the bridesmaids!!

Carrie: We did meet under those circumstances and I found you to be such a breath of fresh air. The next day we met again and went walking to the shops where you told me about yourself. I thought what an open woman this is and you allowed me to expand on my own life.

From that time onwards we discussed many things from our childhoods, our families, our schooling, so on and so forth. In fact we became lovely friends and we had many a chat over either a glass of vino or a hot cuppa with many a home-made biccy.

I met many of your family members as you did mine and we shared many laughs, tears and good times to boot. anoth…

An Interview with Jack Clift

Jan.s: Jack...I'm listening to your solo tracks as I write. Your music has an edge, which is stark with flashes of fire, and it pushes many boundaries.

Within an American context it rekindles in me some of the earlier musical forays made by musicians like Gram Parsons and Buffalo Springfield. Then there are your poetic musings containing both domestic and spacious universal landscapes....

Would you tell us about where and how you began playing...

Jack: Geography played a significant role in the development of my musical tastes and aspirations. Oklahoma City was a wonderful musical crossroads in my childhood.

My Kentucky born Grandfather, C.W.Clift, had albums by Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers, which touched me quite early. My Great Grandmother gave my brother and I Ray Charles’ albums, Modern Sounds In Country Music volumes 1 and 2, which reflected the cross-cultural influences of the era. But more importantly, radio station WKY was the most popular regional entity on the …

Autumn Tones

It's moved past being an Autumnal Blue Mountains day to being one on the verge of snowing....but in these here hills, snow is instead it's listening to Alison Krauss and her beautiful vocals of country music and imagining the woods where the snowfall is deep.

Now with winter on its way here in Australia it's time to find hearty recipes for warming the cockles of one's heart...and bringing into being ways to keep the chills I hope to soon be sharing with you some of my friends hearty winter soup recipes!!!  Also their photos from places where Spring is in the air and Summer on its way!! 

So from these hills until then I send you wintry but warm greetings....and the little boat of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan with Benten playing the Biwa....this beautiful boat has been sailing with me since I was a child thanks to one of my brothers....