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JANICE:  Kirk tell me about your new trio and your first release:  KADISH, GAGAN, BARTLIT - 'STILL HERE'.

KIRK:  I have to credit Jon Gagan with getting the ball rolling. He suggested we combine our writing forces and then even offered up the use of his studio to get the work done. A tough offer to refuse! Jon and I have been friends and collaborators since 1980 and have rekindled our relationship since I returned to Santa Fe a few years ago. John Bartlit is a legend in these parts and for very good reason. He's a brilliant musician and artist as well as a joyful and often hilarious human being. We have a delightful chemistry!

JANICE:  Are you writing together or are they your comps only?

KIRK:  Both Jon and I contributed original compositions to the project. We didn't write anything together this time, but there is a great affinity in our writing styles, and our choices of material makes for what I think is a very unified concept and style.

JANICE:  Tell us about yo…

An Interview with UK singer/songwriter VOCALATTI!


Janice:    Vocalatti, I've just listened to your first CD. What struck me first of all are your glorious, sultry vocals, some of which are reminiscent, in the Jazz context of Julie London & June Christie; two of my favourite Jazz singers from the '50's. Who are your major influences? Not necessarily in music; perhaps art etc? You're a good songwriter; not to mention wonderful vocalist with a unique sound!‬

Vocalatti:  As a child I was really influenced by the beautiful voices of Ella  Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan  and  the wonderful music of Burt Bacharach,  Jobim and the Count Basie Orchestra.

‪Regarding my debut album.  I have not really put the final one together.  The response has been slow, as you know it's getting your self known out there.. And there is SO much music! Certainly not for lack of trying!‬

‪Janice: Where did you record your album? ‬

‪Vocalatti: My music is very much a "cottage Industry" so my album was recorded in my home studio…

NEW CD RELEASE! An Interview with Australian Jazz Diva, Maggie Britton

L to R Wil Sargisson piano, Willy Qua Drums Sax Flute, Maggie, Col Atkinson Bass and Arranger, Al Cesario Drums. 

Janice:  Maggie, you're new band is sounding hot, not to mention looking very cool. How did this lineup come about Maggie?

Maggie:  About 3 years ago I heard Wil Sargisson and Willy Qua playing with Galapagus Duck and met them after the performance. Col Atkinson I got to know when he was playing at our local jazz club so next time I was offered a gig I contacted them and we have been working together and having a great time ever since.
Janice: You have a new album coming out. Where did you record your new CD? Maggie: Lovestreet Studios on the Gold Coast, great studio and an exceptional engineer Scott French. Janice: Hey Maggie, that's great. What's next on the agenda for you and the band? Maggie: Making a video clip for the first single Indigo Eyes, promoting the album ‘Live at Lovestreet’ because we made it to share and we will be doing the same with some nice…