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Machig Labdron!

At present I'm attempting to honour those powerful wisdom energies I pay tribute to under the banner of bentenlaughing....Here, Pema Chodron...introduces us to the great Machig Labdron!
May we all find the courage to develop our innate compassion and wisdom..

Uploaded by on Sep 4, 2008 The five slogans of Machig Labdron teach us how to work with fear, aversion, and suffering in the context of the great motivation to benefit others. From A88: Going to the Places That Scare You, 5 talks given in Berkeley, CA, 2001, from Pema Chodron's archivists, Great Path Tapes and Books.

Sarasvati & Benten... same taste!

“Sarasvati’s themes are learning, wisdom and communication.  Her symbols are white flowers (especially Lotus), marigolds and swans. A Hindu Goddess of eloquence and intelligence, Sarasvati extends a refreshing drink from her well of knowledge to complete the month with aptitude. In Hindu tradition, Sarasvati invented all sciences, arts and writing. In works of arts she is depicted as white-skinned and graceful, riding on a swan or sitting on an open lotus blossom".
'To generate Sarasvati’s assistance in matters of communication, find a white flower and remove its petals. Place these in any moving water source, saying something like:

‘Sarasvati, let my words bear gentle beauty and truth
falling lightly on other’s ears
even as these petals to the water.’

Let the water (which also represents this Goddess) carry your wish.”

(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)