Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art for Cancer group on

Sending greetings to all on this beautiful sunshine filled Blue Mountains day...I'm enjoying the last of these warm days as autumn approaches...soon it will be a long brrrrr in these here hills... Below you'll find a banner for Art for Cancer which you can click on to see one of my pieces of artwork, along with many other beautiful works by members ..the group has been has been formed by the gracious, Cid Palacio whose work can also be viewed and purchased in this group and site. ART for cancer on ImageKind I'm meeting so many wonderful fellow artists on this site..recently I've come across the beautiful and haunting photography of Ariana who now, as I've learnt also has a blog! Yeah Ariana! Please visit us when you can! I'll be back soon with more 'one question' interviews! Wishing all of you well wherever you are....

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Interview with Tracey Campbell

Jan.s: I'm listening to your CD 'Sunshine Embrace' and I'm enjoying both your bright and sultry vocals and impeccable keyboard skills....There's a lovely mix in these largely self penned tracks of sunny Brasil 66/ Latin crossover; infused with Ozzie know how and your general exuberance...!! Tracey, I'm intrigued...who influenced you vocally? Tracey: I'm so glad you're enjoying listening to Sunshine Embrace, the album was a big healing process at a difficult time and worked like a charm! My younger teenage self was influenced by Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt. I think in later years I am more influenced by some great pianists even vocally, I mean the phrasing and stuff. I play and create melodies on the keys as I sing them, gotta mention Eliane Elias, number 1 favorite and Joe Sample for impeccable phrasing, he phrases like a singer. All the musicians on the album were assembled by Phil (my hubbie). I felt so privileged to work with Jackie Orszacksy on bass, Phil and Jack went back a long way to 'Jump Back Jack' days and 'Industrial Accident'. He plucked Phil out of Electric Pandas when they met in a recording session for the Pandas, Jack played all the bass for the pop band and Phil was the drummer at the time, Jack tempted him to come and play some funky sh.....t! He played like his usual maestro self and added dark shady color with the piccolo style on some of the tracks. The back up singers Toni Mott, Toni Allayalis, Mark Williams, again had a history with Phil from the Toni Nation band, they just came in and did their thing, smooth as silk, nailed it! The trumpeter was a guy neither of us had ever worked with, Simon Ferenci, he came recommended by upright bassist Jono Brown (who plays on 2 tracks adding his stand up acoustic class). Simon worked effortlessly to create the exact sound we wanted, he'd do a take and we'd be ecstatic and say to him....well how was that for you? of few words, he'd shrug and say...."I could do it better", we'd laugh and let him go at it again. Very humble!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Farewell dear mani padma hungs....

Dear Julie Milligan, much loved by all here in the Blue Mountains passed away, last night...but me thinks Julie is still around...her favourite local singer, Robyne Dunn's music just came up on my computer....ah....the Blueys are a mysterious place.... Julie, you will live on in our hearts for countless aeons and may countless blessings be yours in all your future were gracious and kind to all...and we will miss you sorely.... I can't find the photo I wanted to post of Julie and Robyne, caught by me, spontaneously one lovely Bluey's morning...but it's on this blog... For image of spaciousness...the sky Julie loved so in the Blueys... om mani padma hungs to you and yours Julie....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Interview with Adam Warnock

Jan.s: Adam, You're the quintessential Renaissance man...accomplished in so many areas... You're a great lead guitarist, a singer/songwriter, composer, you write for film and you're a visual artist and also you've written children's literature...oh yes not to forget, you're a committed family man with two young sons! Oh yes, gotta say I keep listening to your songs...I particularly love the track "King of Fools"....' Tell us about what you're doing now!? 

Adam: Janice. You do say very kind words about me, thank you! At the moment I'm putting together a pitch for an American for a particular sport and it's pretty exciting. I wrote a song explicitly for it and put it to a mock up TV commercial and I hope that the recipients dig it.

That song you're listening to, King of Fools, is part of an album project called "Tremor" which I've had mastered by Kathy Naunton at DB Mastering in Sydney and it sounds great. I'm going to make it available on CD Baby soon. I'm also writing lots of songs and starting to co write again after a long lay off. 

There's also a follow up to the children's book/ CD, "Hello Gus". I haven't got a title for the next instalment yet but it'll probably be something witty like the first one. Maybe Gus II or Gus again (kidding). I'm keen on starting new projects and I'm loving my new studio 'cause it's a comfy, creative space and with one thing and another I'm keeping really busy. I'm also going to be putting a short film in for next years Tropfest in which the signature item is "dice". My buddy in Vancouver is a collaborator and we've scripted it already!

 Apart from that I have a subscription to Songlink, an online A&R company out of the UK, where they send me hit lists and I try a place songs with artists right around the world. 

Art for arts sake and the rest can take a number and wait in line! My web addresses are as follows:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A sharing from jan.s and also Bree Brown!

Helloe Friends... As I write, I'm listening to the final mixes of my second CD...this one's on the body/mind's title is....'Arterial Flow'...a CD co created with and lovingly mixed by Kirk Kadish...with inspired artwork made and photo shopped by Australian artist, Beth Norling... At the moment we're on the look out for the right online keep your ears to the ground! In the meantime take a look at the badges below...of which I have no other way 'yet' of knowing quite how to do...except to post here...they come from the wonderful site of Bree Brown....please read her celebration of living our lives with authenticity.... Enjoy!