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Visual Artist Sherrye Lantz Interview

Artist and Art Historian living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Sherrye Lantz is an internationally known artist with works in private and public collections in the contiguous 48 states as well as Europe, Australia, and Turkey. She has won numerous awards throughout her career for intaglio printmaking, drawing and painting. She was included in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Biennial of Prints and Drawing, exhibited in Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts: Minds Wide Open, she received the 2010 YWCA Women of Achievement Award for Arts.

Janice:  Sherrye you've been creating artworks for a variety of mediums over a number of years. 

Sherrye: Yes Janice, I have worked in different mediums beginning as a printmaker and moving to painting luckily finding joy in all.

Janice:  Recently I viewed a couple of very playful photographs you'd taken in Paris, perhaps in the1980's? Can you share with us the context of the images.

Sherrye: The images from …