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Ships in the Field. An Interview with Susanne Gervay

Jan.s:  Susanne, you're a powerhouse of a woman who writes about issues that matter! Bullying, burn victims,  to name a few.  Can you share with us what  your currently writing ?

Susanne: Ships in the Field is my first picture book. It has been in my mind and heart for many years. 

Writing it was an emotional journey that encapsulates my growing up from a refugee family.  I wanted to give a voice to the children and families who have been through war and migration to find laughter, hope and home. 

When award winning illustrator Anna Pignataro illustrated of Ships in the Field received the manuscript she said that ‘it’s my story.’ Her family came from Italy.  It’s a gift that we were able to bring our own experiences to ‘Ships in the Field’.

It is to be published by Ford St on 1st February 2012
Jan.s:  Susanne:  You have a working relationship with your daughter...I'd love to hear more!!!

Susanne: Even though I love my daughter Tory, writing the YA novel ‘That’s Why I Wrote…

An Interview with Kate Forsyth

Jan:  Kate, I was walking recently with a friend and her very bright 6 year old daughter. I observed that the young girl had what I would call 'that zoned out look' in her eyes. I mentioned it to the girl, saying that I remembered going into that zone in my childhood. That it was an interesting space to enter. 
Being her bright little self. she tuned in and happily responded. I had the sense of her enjoying an adult's recognition of this as being important. As we approached a crossing I then said that it was equally important to tune back in to the present moment.

In a recent interview you stated that in the early stages of writing a novel you do a lot of daydreaming.  Can you share with us what this process allows for you....

Kate: Oh, yes, I’m a big believer in the power of daydreaming. I was always getting into trouble for it as a child – I had one teacher who used to whack me over the head with a ruler and sneer, ‘are you with us, Kate?’ So it gives me great…