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An Interview with Mose McCormack

Jan.s:  Mose...As I understand it, you're resident with your family in Santa Fe...but where did your musical journey begin?

Mose:  Born in south Alabama on Dec. 31, 1949. My first musical memories were, my mother singing to me, and being dragged to the southern Baptist Church, where the white folks were were trying to sing "black" and they didn't even realize it. I didn't realize it either , at such an "innocent" age. 

Jan.s:  When did you begin playing?

Mose:  It wasn't till my first band ,at age 15, did I acknowledge The Blue Eyed Soul Brother in me. All those folk songs my Mama used to sing me to sleep with, all had black roots. The "real" gospel singers were in the black churches. And here I was singing, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Percy Sledge, and don't forget James Brown.

Jan.s:  What was the name of that band...what was the lineup...where were you gigging?

Mose:  One band was named "Sound of Six&quo…

The Northern Beaches and the Nagas!

I've just returned from a stay on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, (NSW) ...

This vast coastline & its inlets have always been a haven for surfers, musicians and visual artists  ..

At present it seems to be overflowing with them...with brilliant photographers, fashion creatives and home designers opening stores which often combine cafes & flower stalls in glorious waterfront restaurants...

With the Year of the Dragon now underway's to celebrating the world of the creatives who ride the waves of change!  Those who dive into the realms of water where the aspect of Benten and the great Naga, serpentine energies lay ready to be awakened...

Here's to seeking & finding then riding those powerful energies of change witness the Dragon and to respect it's powerful nature rather than fight or try to tame it...

Below is a most gorgeous image of at end of post::

 'WHO IS BENZAITEN. Female. A river goddess in Indian mythology. Her Sanskr…

An Interview with Johh Currie

Jan.s:  John, would you tell us about your recent climb on Mt Cho Oyu?

John: Cho Oyo is the sixth highest mountain in the world, and is approached from the Tibet side. Base Camp is near a mountain pass called the Nangpa La, which has been used as a trading route between Nepal and Tibet for centuries by the local people. The climb is not technical but the standard route is long and cold, and once you get above 7000 meters you realize what a huge mountain Cho Oyo really is. 
Unfortunately I was not travelling strong enough this trip to go beyond camp 2 at 7100 meters, but some members of my team pushed up to around 7700 meters. We always have a puja at base camp and bless each other and our equipment before climbing the mountain, our Nepalese Sherpa’s will not set foot on the mountain without this taking place. No one on my expedition summited this year, despite the best puja ever. Snow conditions were bad this climbing season, in that there was a lot of it, which made sect…