Sunday, December 1, 2019


Very exciting news to share with you that one of  my collaborations with Kirk Kadish ip(Arterial Flow) is up on NZ's fabulous music licensing company Music Vista's Windswept page. Title: Rain2

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

An Interview with Australian music icon: Peter Head

Janice: Peter, What was your most recent recording project?

Peter: My most recent recording project was one I actually started in 1973 .

Back then I was working with a largely unknown singer by the name of Bon Scott and we both pooled our meagre savings to hire a studio for the afternoon and help each other out by recording a few of our original songs.

One of those was a song I wrote for Bon to sing called “Round & Round”

I kept the 8 track tape from that session, and only last week  took his vocal from then, and then wrote a whole new backing for it, recording all the instruments myself at home ,using “Logic” recording programme  on my home i Mac computer.  I also added my three most current girl backing vocalists for a track each, namely Cora James, Shirley Smith and Heather King . Then also my son Joshua on guitar . Mixed two versions at a tiny studio in the Cross, one with Bon singing all the way through, and one where we swapped verses as a duet.  Purely for the fun of it .

Janice: You've a number of family members also doing interesting work in the music industry.  Have you recorded together?

Peter:  Well, I just mentioned getting my son Joshua on the Bon recording, but before that, a few years back now, I recorded a whole album with my daughter Loene Carmen, and we wrote songs together for it. The album is called “The apple don’t fall far from the tree. “  I also went to LA a month ago, and Lo and I performed some of the songs at a  gig in West Hollywood .

Josh runs a record label called “Personal Best” and often performs with his main band “Professor Groove and the Booty affair. And now my grand-daughter ,Holiday Sidewinder , is doing headline gigs all around the world, and writing her own songs too. 

Janice: When I first met you, you were accompanying Robyn Archer, I believe it was at the Nimrod (now Belvoire Street) theatre in one of her shows. I heard you as integral to that show.  Can you tell us about your working relationship with her.

Peter: Robyn Archer and I have been good friends since we were teenagers in Adelaide . I produced an album for her called “The Ladies Choice” , and worked as her musical director for years on a show called “A star is torn”, which travelled all around Australia, and won several awards. To cap it all off, we were  both inducted together into Adelaide’s music hall of fame in 2016.

Janice: You're one of the most distinctive vocalists in this country, it's a style we acquaint with other storytellers, such as Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.  Were you into reading poetry as a young guy?  Or particular novelists?

Peter:  I went through a ‘beatnik’ phase in the 60’s  where I enjoyed Allen Ginsberg and company,
I think Lennon/McCartney, Tom Waits , Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan are all fine poets as well as songwriters, and I even like early Australian writers like  Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson and my favourite CJ Dennis. And my friend Bon used to refer to his scribblings as ‘toilet poetry' .

As far as serious writers go, I know she’s unpopular now, but I discovered Ayn Rand (“The Fountainhead” -Atlas Shrugged’ etc.) at a very early age, and I think her writing more than anybody else’s  gave me the courage to believe in myself as an individual, and decide that I would spend my life dedicated to music, and only live on what I could make from that, and never do a day job. I guess I’ve got to blame her for a life lived largely in poverty ever since, even though I wouldn’t change a minute of it. It’s just what Australians who live in the arts have to put up with generally, even though there are rare exceptions. 

Janice: Please follow the links below and explore the wonderful musical journey of Peter and friends. Over and out Peter.

Monday, January 16, 2017


We'd love you to listen to our latest collaboration with VOCALATTI.  Available to hear and to download via the following links!  Enjoy! 


Arterial Flow
Edge of a Difference

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Janice:  Hilde, I'm so excited to hear that you have a new CD about to be released.  Can you give us an idea of the content?
Hilde: Thank you dear Janice, I’m more than excited myself and at the same time it’s like sending my child out in the world on its own for the first time. :)

In my opinion this is my most personal and original album. I am taking you with me out on the ocean, you’ll be flying with the birds, diving with whales and much more.
You’ll find beautiful ballads, and a very special, groove-based a capella composition called “The End – TBA”.
On this album I have composed and written lyrics for seven out of nine tracks, done all the music-arrangements, I’m playing all instruments on 75 % of the tracks, and I did all vocals.
The album is called 'Quiet Dreams' after one of the compositions.
On this recording I'm creating my own little universe. 
Triggered by being asked to write the commission work for Tall Ships Races 2015 I started composing more music and by this exploring new sides in my musical universe.
Water has always been a huge part of my life and I love this element. Because of this I called the Tall Ships composition «Sea Stories».

When I went to the studio I brought with me part 1, 2 and 3 from this commissioned work and composed some more to bring with me too. AND I also brought with me a lullaby called «Nu til hvile går" written by my great grandmother. My great grandmother sang this for my grandmother, she sang it for my mother, my mother sang it to me and I sang it for my son when he was little.

Janice: Who are the players?
Hilde: The content is maybe a little bit different from what most people know of/about Hilde Hefte. Hopefully the music speaks for itself - AND I am so proud both of this album and myself.
The players and few (and excellent), but the main work is done by me. :)

Hilde Hefte: All vocals, sansula, xylophone, Fender Rhodes, piano, various percussion, water-percussion, singing bowles, bracelet-shaker, triangle.
Egil Kapstad: Piano (on three tracks)
Simen Hefte: Soda-percussion (on one track).
 Janice:  Always great to hear of your projects Hilde, I know you have a great following near and far.  Wishing your latest CD much success!

Album tracks:
1. Come Fly With Me - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, sansula)
2. The Sea - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, perc., water-perc., whale-sounds, singing bowles, bracelet shaker, triangle)
3. Quiet Dreams - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, Egil Kapstad piano)
4. Mother and Son - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, Fender Rhodes, xylophone)

5. Nu til hvile går - Family lullaby (Hilde Hefte all vocals, Egil Kapstad piano)

6. Liten stemming - Egil Kapstad (Egil Kapstad piano)

7. Throw It Away - Abby Lincoln (Hilde Hefte all vocals, Fender Rhodes)

8. And Even More - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, piano)

9. The End – TBA - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte all vocals (A cappella))
Love and hugs and all that’s good from me to you.

Friday, July 15, 2016


JANICE:  Kirk tell me about your new trio and your first release:  KADISH, GAGAN, BARTLIT - 'STILL HERE'.

KIRK:  I have to credit Jon Gagan with getting the ball rolling. He suggested we combine our writing forces and then even offered up the use of his studio to get the work done. A tough offer to refuse! Jon and I have been friends and collaborators since 1980 and have rekindled our relationship since I returned to Santa Fe a few years ago. John Bartlit is a legend in these parts and for very good reason. He's a brilliant musician and artist as well as a joyful and often hilarious human being. We have a delightful chemistry!

JANICE:  Are you writing together or are they your comps only?

KIRK:  Both Jon and I contributed original compositions to the project. We didn't write anything together this time, but there is a great affinity in our writing styles, and our choices of material makes for what I think is a very unified concept and style.

JANICE:  Tell us about your new album?

KIRK: it's a "classic" jazz piano trio album in format: acoustic piano, acoustic bass, and drums. I'm the pianist, Jon is the bassist, and the brilliant John Bartlit is the drummer. No electronics, no overdubs. As I mentioned, we rehearsed and recorded at Jon's studio here in Santa Fe. I have to take a moment to praise Jon's artistry here. He not only wrote half of the material and played bass on the recording, but he also engineered the project, to include the editing and mixing. That's quite a remarkable feat! All three of us are fans of Manfred Eicher and his ECM record label, and we strive to bring that same level of skill, the same attention to detail, and a similar emotional strength and maturity to everything we do.

JANICE:  Interesting that you cited that each of you found Eicher and ecm as your guiding light for this album. Like you, I listened to many of his artists in the mid '70's and was particularly hypnotized by their subtle beauty & artistry, not to mention album covers and quality of his productions!   I had the opportunity to study with Norma Winstone in a series of workshops in 1980 at Wavendon Allmusic Plan in the UK. She was so generous in sharing her artistry. I also briefly met Ralph Towner along the way; both artists displayed such joy, good humour and camaraderie and furthered my inspiration and love of music which was exploratory in the jazz idiom.

KIRK: Yes, Eicher's seminal work in the '70s really inspired us young musicians! Keith Jarrett, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny and many more were our heroes. Jon Gagan has been deeply influenced by fellow bassist/ composer, Dave Holland. And then, in the '80s, he helped introduce us to the contemporary classical scene, including Steve Reich, John Adams, and Arvo Pärt. And, yes, the quality of the artwork and production were as compelling as the music. And he's still doing it today. His roster of artists is as strong now as ever. Manfred's vision is unflagging!

Links: Kirk Kadish

Links: Norma Winstone

Links: Ralph Towner 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Interview with UK singer/songwriter VOCALATTI!

Janice:    Vocalatti, I've just listened to your first CD. What struck me first of all are your glorious, sultry vocals, some of which are reminiscent, in the Jazz context of Julie London & June Christie; two of my favourite Jazz singers from the '50's. Who are your major influences? Not necessarily in music; perhaps art etc? You're a good songwriter; not to mention wonderful vocalist with a unique sound!‬

Vocalatti:  As a child I was really influenced by the beautiful voices of Ella  Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan  and  the wonderful music of Burt Bacharach,  Jobim and the Count Basie Orchestra.

‪Regarding my debut album.  I have not really put the final one together.  The response has been slow, as you know it's getting your self known out there.. And there is SO much music! Certainly not for lack of trying!‬

‪Janice: Where did you record your album? ‬

‪Vocalatti: My music is very much a "cottage Industry" so my album was recorded in my home studio and mixed and mastered by myself.‬

Janice, I noticed too you are an artist too!!!  I love painting portraits too!! I studied at art college. And spent most of my life as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies! I love Pre- Raphaelite art especially "Ophelia" by John Everett Millais. And the paintings by Atkinson Grimshaw.

Janice:  How did the you develop the name Vocalatti?

Vocalatti:-   That is a very good question!! I thought of many names, I was trying to think of something that was different! and original , and  there was nothing that showed up in Google search under  the name "Vocalatti" so I thought that must be pretty original!!!

Janice: What equipment do you use and are you a self taught musician etc?

Vocalatti:- I use a Korg Triton Le keyboard, which I also use for many of my drum beats and strings also. I record , mix and master all of my songs in my Zoom MRS 1608 multi track recorder , and I use a Red 5 Audio mic.

 Janice:  You've kindly given me your time and energy on some vocals of my songs and I want to thank you for your generosity.

Vocalatti:- Thank you Janice, it has been such a thrill to be asked to add my vocals to your beautiful songs! And I would like to say thank you for all of your kind advice  and encouragement.