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Clouds moving!

I love taking photos of clouds in the mountains....they remind me of the wisdom in the meditation practises I've been given...thoughts like clouds - moving - don't attach to them! Ah! See how they dissolve and fly!

Great US jazz artists

Spring has arrived in the Blueys in the land of oz and with it countless Cherry Blossoms! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - in the meantime so little time to write this blog but now that I'm here I'd like to introduce you to some wonderful and gifted friends of mine on the other side of the world. They are the two K's from place names with M's...hmmmmm!? Wonder what that means? Please visit their sites and listen to their great music. One of them is in Michigan and the other in Maryland and I've met neither face to face but we've become great cyber pals and both are truly inspiring jazz artists. Here's the url of my friend and vocalist the cool cool K Anderson Matthews with the sultry tones: Her voice is gorgeous and I'm trying to tempt K (Kathleen) to record a number of my songs..and also songs I've co-written with Kirk Kadish. The other is Kirk Kadish a kool kat indeed: Kirk and I are also completing a…