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An Interview with Nicole Fox-Humber

Nicole:  I remember when we first met. Your gorgeous nephew Brett drove me to the Central coast New South Wales, where you were residing at the time. There was something very quaint and beautiful about that sweet little house resting on the shores of the inlet around there. I felt as though you were family as soon as I saw you. You wore your hair back into a ponytail with a little soft fringe. Every time I saw you at a side glance, this amazing feeling of seeing myself in you kept coming to me.

When I walked around the rooms of your home, you had so many wonderful and intriguing pictures of Tibetan spiritual Masters and Yogis. (Remember you had them there to protect you). In which case they certainly brought much magic into that place. When I looked into their eyes I felt a feeling of great knowing. These faces were of people that knew, what I was seeking.

Jan.s:  Nicole when we first met what struck me most was your incredible openness and joy for life

Nicole:  Yes I was very…

An Interview with Dawn Hort

Jan.s:  Dawn, you're not only a celebrated Australian children's author but an accomplished singer and songwriter. Can you share with us your love of Celtic music and singing...

Dawn:  Until I came to the mountains I didn't really have a favourite kind of music. I like jazz, swing, some metal, rock, country, bluegrass and popular stuff, but didn't really have a favourite. Where I live now, the arts are fostered so well, including the folk music scene and the art of writing.
I met people at a community college writing course and started talking about music. One woman was writing songs and performing them to the group. My musical background was rooted in church and I have a natural knack with harmonies, so writing songs was a tangent thing that came naturally. I started visiting folk music clubs and festival in the local area and it opened up this hidden world. Celtic music was like sparkling light on water for me. I drank it in. I felt the ground vibrate with the energy o…