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Vihara Celelbrations

Here are some photos from the celebrations at The Vihara Temple in the Blue Mountains for the Buddhas Birthday. This is my friend, sculptor Phil Hay and me outside the Stoopa. jan.s

Buddha's Birthday

Today I'm celelbrating the Buddha's Birthday at The Vihara, the first Buddhist Temple built in Australia. The Venerable Kovida, our kind and inspirational resident Sri Lankan monk will lead the celebrations. I'll post some piccies soon! Enjoy the day. jan.s


Welcome to the first blog of bentenlaughing! Benten can be seen in the photograph playing the biwa. She is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. Currently I'm excited about some ink/watercolour paintings I've recently completed of little cakes! Yes petits fours to compliment the full display of wonderous art by French/Ozzie artist Kristine McCarroll's exhibition 'Sensuelle et sans Suite, Forever' opening at Seeger Gallery Saturday 17th May. To view Kritistine's work please visit the url below:

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As a practitoner of Tibetan Buddhism my petits fours act as a visual offering to all beings. May all beings find the food that nourishes not only the senses but that which assists in recognition of the nature of mind ! 'May all beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. May all beings attain enlightenment'. As my great and kind Tibetan teacher would paraphrase 'Don't worry! Be Happy'. jan.s