Sunday, November 25, 2012

H.E. Ogyen Tulku in Vancouver BC

H.E. Ogyen Tulku Rinpoche is coming back to Richmond December 9-30
Dec. 09   Sun  2:00 pm     Empowerment: Queen of great Bliss (Dakini Dechen gyalmo)
Dec. 16  Sun.  2:00 pm     Practice of Riwo Sangchoe  (Mountain smoke-Purification Ceremony)
Dec. 23   Sun.  2:00 pm    Empowerment : Padmasambhava
Dec. 30   Sun   2:00 pm    Dharma Teaching:  Life of Patrul Rinpoche and his Advices on Turning Suffering                                                and Happiness into Enlightenment.
All teachings will be in English and Chinese

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