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An Interview with Australian music icon: Peter Head

Janice: Peter, What was your most recent recording project?
Peter: My most recent recording project was one I actually started in 1973 .

Back then I was working with a largely unknown singer by the name of Bon Scott and we both pooled our meagre savings to hire a studio for the afternoon and help each other out by recording a few of our original songs.

One of those was a song I wrote for Bon to sing called “Round & Round”

I kept the 8 track tape from that session, and only last week  took his vocal from then, and then wrote a whole new backing for it, recording all the instruments myself at home ,using “Logic” recording programme  on my home i Mac computer.  I also added my three most current girl backing vocalists for a track each, namely Cora James, Shirley Smith and Heather King . Then also my son Joshua on guitar . Mixed two versions at a tiny studio in the Cross, one with Bon singing all the way through, and one where we swapped verses as a duet.  Purely for the fun of it .