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An Interview with Jeni Mawter

Jan.s: Jeni, we’ve only met recently at the children’s illustrators/writers meet chaired by the wonderful Susanne Gervay at The Hughenden.What struck me about you was your quiet forthrightness and also that you have a whacky sense of humour!At our last meet you talked about a breakthrough and to herald in your new awakening…you gave each of us a pink flying pig candle!!!Can I ask you to share with me that breakthrough?Jeni: Ah, the flying pig candle … Of course, I can share my breakdown, breakout, er, breakthrough.After many years of publishing success as a writer with two major series published by Harper Collins Australia (the ‘So!’ series: So Gross!, So Feral!, SoSick!; So Festy!; So Grotty! and So Stinky! And the ‘Freewheelers’ series: Unleashed!; Launched! and Extreme!) as well as many books with smaller publishing houses I hit a brick wall. The Freewheelers series had been optioned for television, but when funding fell through the series was dropped. After this, I experimented w…