Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slater's Store

 When I was a kid I created my own little storefront....today I've done it in cyber space
....Just opened my Slater's Store....such fun....my own storefront.... over brimming with Springtime images and drawings of cakes & portraits!


As a child I copied everything in sight, from cartoons through to fashion illustrations. When I discovered artists like Klee, Mondrian and Rodin, a new world opened up . To become an artist seemed an impossibility, as it was I became a singer! I've called on 'Benten', (One of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan) to guide me through the seas of change. She has a habit of appearing in my life, in order to keep my ship on course.

Please enjoy this delightful video as follows:

Published on Jun 14, 2013
Benten/Benzaiten Dragon Goddess of music, dance, and art, Daughter of a Dragon King, Wife of a Dragon of the Waters, Lady of the White Snake, Player of the Biwa
Song: Sayuri's Theme
Channel: Aubrey Coletti


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