Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've just had the great pleasure of giving a workshop on Performance Techniques for seven young singers at the Waratah School of Music, Katoomba, NSW. The gracious hosts, Tracey and Phil Campbell, have created an elegant setting conducive for in depth workshops. The added bonus of having their dog Teddy on board and Tracey's especially yummy home baked cookies made it an wonderful day for all. I found all of the participants truly inspiring . Thank you. Please take a look at their fantastic school A Summer School is also on it's way. Much good cheer to all. jan.s


Anonymous said...

Hey,Great to see the workshop has come off for you Janniko....Keep up the good work..never say die...Hope to catch up with you soon,dearrie....Love Metexxx

jan.s said...

Mete! So lovely of you to respond! Thank you so much for your support. jan.s