"Free Your Voice"

Janice Slater - "Free Your Voice" - voice workshop for Teenagers/Young Adults Sat 23rd August 4-6pm (Max 8 in a class) "Have fun and learn to use your voice in a supportive environment. Explore freeing the natural voice through breathing, play; and working creatively with text while building self-confidence. The workshop is suitable for teenagers/young adults studying English and/or drama. Chosen text is “Romeo and Juliet”. “Voice can be many things. It can be shouting, singing, whispering, humming, and laughing! Your voice is your way of saying things – the energy you bring to communicate! You don’t have to discover it, you already have it! Our voice responds to play, to movement; and thought and feeling – its fuel is the body moving, and the imagination!” Janice Slater Janice has worked with film director Gillian Armstrong, the Sydney Theatre Company and Cate Blanchett; she is a vocal coach/sound designer and script editor having worked as a dramaturge on numerous theatre productions; and as a script assessor for ‘The Australian National Playwrights Association’; as well as ‘Playworks,’ and ABC Radio Drama and TV. http://www.seegergallery.com/


Anonymous said…
Wow Jan, this sounds amazing! wish I could fly across the seas and attend a workshop like this!

hope you have a beautiful day,


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