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An Interview with Opera/Music/Theatre Director, Beverly Blankenship

This interview was done a wee while back in March 2020 when Beverly was visiting Australia. Our world was beginning to change with COVID 19 and since this short but insightful interview we have each faced many limitations. Nonetheless I would like to leave the transcript as is for you to enjoy. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading and wishing each and everyone of you a year where health, freedom of movement and the joy of close companionship is once more a given. Janice Janice: Beverly, you are currently in Australia, visiting your family. I'm interested to know if working in Australia has had any lasting influence (or not) on the directions you've since taken? Beverly: Working in Australia was life changing for me. I came from a very hierarchical theatre world in German speaking countries. Not only was the director GOD, even the director of the Christmas Panto...., most of us actors waited to be told what to do on stage. Meeting all these irreverent perf


Many years ago I wrote these words to my friend Janice Carter Slater They have come back to haunt me as I received wishes for positive a new year . . . . . ‘Joy and pain in the same sweet boat . . . . try and remain . . remain afloat . .’ As I wish my family and friends a happy new year I wish you a year where we remember our deepest experiences have given rise to our happiest moments. In a world that worships the light and shuns the dark . . that promotes the positive and rejects the negative . . that fears a possible hell if one doesn’t deserve to get into heaven . . that believes there is only one God and he is the father of mankind . . that agree that human beings are superior to all other creatures . . that believes the summit greater than the valley I ask when did we begin to fear sadness, depression and death . . Could it be that we have suppressed our natural instincts to such a degree that the valve on a pressure cooker is fearful of release? Do we fear the

An Interview with Jessica Gerger. Environmentalist, Actor, Director, Filmmaker, Teacher.

Janice: Jessica, tell me about your local environmental concerns? Jessica: My local environmental concerns focus on restoration and conservation of my local waterway - the Kororoit Creek. I'm president of the Friends of Kororoit Creek and we are working hard to help widen and improve the creek corridor - for wildlife, for people and for the strength of the plants themselves. The type of environmental group we are working on is an open grassy woodland or riparian woodland - which are some of the most threatened habitats in the world. We are concerned with litter and pollution as well as the break neck speed of development occurring along the creek and in the outer parts of Melbourne. Large parts of the areas outside the city which were once fields of indigenous grasses, wildflowers and volcanic rock were then cleared many years ago to use as pasture land and are now being cleared again to turn in to endless swathes of huge grey houses with little to no gardens and no pub

New World's Resolution. A poem by John Davies

I've been thinking of learning a new language Something different for the new year . It's never too late to learn Or change , To rewire the neural networks Inside my tired aged brain. I thought I might start with Blackbird Or Crow Perhaps the busy speech Of the honeyeater or silvereye But I'd have to be quite quick. I can pick out a few words Here and there From the river's urgent rush Hidden in the valley's green Replete from the rains wash. A bowerbird spoke to me In the shortened form Of glances and wing's Brushing the morning air But I missed the meaning Before I could ask her to explain. Some cicadas became vocal When the dappled sunlight emerged And shone on the eucalyptus High above. Then stopped again at the sound Of the breeze's whispered breath. And the peeled back bark Of the mountain ash Revealed some secret script Against the naked shiny trunk, Obscure and incomplete. I have little time To waste however With the angry mosquito's buzz

NEW music releases with Vocalatti

We hope you are keeping safe in these crazy times. Here's some uplifting music for your ears.  A homage to the artists of  Victor Hugo's Quasimodo & Esmeralda. Love the one you're with! Stay in the now! Kirk Kadish, all instruments except guitar. Guitar Parris Spivey. Janice Slater soundscape and backing vocals. Vocals Vocalatti. Cowritten by Kadish/Scott/Slater/Spivey. Apra/Ascap 2020

An interview with Australian Interior Designer: Dannielle Parisi

Janice: Dannielle, I believe you have a love of mid century modern design. When and where did that passion begin and why does it inspire you?  I think the love for MCM aka Mid Century Modern began in my childhood. That is the furniture and style of the times. I think it was reinforced by the programs I would watch on television and film as well; Thunderbirds, Get Smart, The Man From Uncle, James Bond, The Italian Job, etc. Also my play time from toddler years up was all about drawing, and building with Lego, and I recall rearranging walls, designing multi story homes in great detail. I still love watching those old films, and never get tired of that era. Having said that, I have a real appreciation for many styles of architecture and art. Georgian homes, for instance, are very livable for today. You can find inspiration from every era of architecture. Janice:  As a designer you must be always looking forwards. What would you would like to explore in the near future

Mountain Poem: John Ellison Davies

  Mountain Poem we question the morning where to begin and morning’s crazy face questions us with a light grin through cracked wooden shutters, a sceptical pattern on the wall we tease with shadows shall we answer first shall we introduce ourselves to the clouds the early clouds that graze at our door and sulk for lost moonlit pasture? John Ellison Davies