An Interview with Opera/Music/Theatre Director, Beverly Blankenship

This interview was done a wee while back in March 2020 when Beverly was visiting Australia. Our world was beginning to change with COVID 19 and since this short but insightful interview we have each faced many limitations. Nonetheless I would like to leave the transcript as is for you to enjoy. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading and wishing each and everyone of you a year where health, freedom of movement and the joy of close companionship is once more a given. Janice Janice: Beverly, you are currently in Australia, visiting your family. I'm interested to know if working in Australia has had any lasting influence (or not) on the directions you've since taken? Beverly: Working in Australia was life changing for me. I came from a very hierarchical theatre world in German speaking countries. Not only was the director GOD, even the director of the Christmas Panto...., most of us actors waited to be told what to do on stage. Meeting all these irreverent performers in Australia, making jokes and creating their own performances, crews demanding recognoition of their contribution, the humour and the creativity of everyone involved - that experience changed me profoundly. FOR THE BETTER! I have been back in Europe for the last 30 years - working in the not quite so hierarchical German system again. Still, there is a lot of very serious navel gazing going on here in Europe. And it is very contagious, I am afraid. I should have come back to Australia more often to work and soak up some more of that jokey, democratic way of working.
Janice: You have a close working relationship with your sister, Rebecca. Would you like to tell us about your next project together? Beverly: Rebecca and I were meant to have an opening night at the Operahouse Mönchengladbach on Easter Saturday 2020: DIALOGUES DES CARMELITES. But it got cancelled due to the C - Virus. Rebecca was performing in London with the Lepage Show THE SEVEN STREAMS OF THE RIVER OTA until the last minute. She got home to Vienna just before the frontiers slammed shut all over Europe. I am caught in Berlin at the moment. Can´t even get to Vienna. SIGH: But in June I will trek over to Vienna. Rebecca and I will maybe get to have our DIALOGUES premiere end of November 2020 - depends on what the Virus will be doing by then. And we are working on a few fringe show ideas. Some WAGNER, maybe. We work well together. let us hope that our collaberation can continue after this major shake up in the theatres all over the world....


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