Growing a Positive Community Out of the Ashes. A letter from Elizabeth Walton

Now that we are through the worst of the situation, for the moment, on the far south coast of New South Wales, Australia, we are safe. And the good news is that solid rain is forecast for the entire south eastern region of Australia in the coming days, which promises to finally put this crisis to and end, a crisis that began in September and has continued to ravage our lands, our lives and our lungs. So our attention now can safely turn to recovery and rebuilding our communities. 

We are passionate gardeners and have planted a food forest of over 300 plant species at our home. This includes greens for daily eating, as well as tomatoes and pumpkins, but also fruit and nut trees and herbs such as All Spice, Cinnamon and Lemon Myrtle. What we are presently looking for is soil donations so we can collect plant cuttings to give to our friends who have thankfully saved their houses, but faced with the blackness every day of looking at scorched lands. 

Many people in our south coast region are market gardeners and people living simple lives connected to the land, including people growing organic food to sell at the markets. These people have lost everything beyond the front door. For others of course, they have lost everything including their houses, and for these people thoughts of recovering gardens will take a lot more time. 

People who are not connected to tap water are now cleaning up the mess where melted plastic water tanks spilt every precious drops they had collected and stored, which was spilt mercilessly across the land when the flames came.

If any business would like to donate soil or funds for us to order soil, please get in touch. If any families in other regions would like to get involved, please start some cuttings in your garden and get in touch when you are ready to share them, and we can distribute to those in need and help to plant them out. It would be wonderful to bring people down to the south coast in the months to come and have some working bees to restart people's gardens. Even the thought of this brings a whisper of hope as we move into the next phase of our lives. 

People are welcome to contact through my page, and to read more about what we went through in the early days of 2020 by clicking through to this story. 

We would also like to thank our friends and family in other regions for their help and support while the crisis unfolded - we truly are a global community.


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