A poem by John Davies

You might notice

The way that spaces
Surround each moment's gift.

How hurrying people adorn
A world
That sighs with murmured wind.

Clocks will tick
Unheard behind

The pressure of today.

One day silent they sit
As cicadas cut the air.

How this now
Can't ever be grasped
No matter how you try.

You are void and open mind
Dancing throughout so called time.


I was born in Cootamundra in country NSW in 1955 but spent my formative years living by the ocean in Sydney's northern beaches, many hours spent walking on deserted windswept sand ,soaking in the vast beauty of sea and sky .

 I tried my hand at poetry in my teens and twenties , particularly inspired by Gary Snyder , but I lacked confidence to do much with it.

Now that I'm in my mature years I don't care very much what others think but I'm delighted if someone enjoys my ramblings, rough and unpolished as they are. I feel that poetry offers a vision of reality that is needed in these desperate hurried times, a vision inspired by quiet introspection and respect for life and nature and inherent human goodness.

John Davies, 2020 Katoomba, NSW, Australia


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