The Northern Beaches and the Nagas!

I've just returned from a stay on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, (NSW) ...

This vast coastline & its inlets have always been a haven for surfers, musicians and visual artists  ..

At present it seems to be overflowing with them...with brilliant photographers, fashion creatives and home designers opening stores which often combine cafes & flower stalls in glorious waterfront restaurants...

With the Year of the Dragon now underway's to celebrating the world of the creatives who ride the waves of change!  Those who dive into the realms of water where the aspect of Benten and the great Naga, serpentine energies lay ready to be awakened...

Here's to seeking & finding then riding those powerful energies of change witness the Dragon and to respect it's powerful nature rather than fight or try to tame it...

Below is a most gorgeous image of at end of post::

 'WHO IS BENZAITEN. Female. A river goddess in Indian mythology. Her Sanskrit name "Sarasvatī" means "flowing water" and thus she represents everything that flows (e.g., music, words, speech, eloquence). Later adopted into the Buddhist and then Shinto pantheons of Japan. One of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods. Comes in two main forms: (1) with two arms holding a lute; (2) with eight arms holding martial implements to indicate her role as protector against disaster; this version is called Happi Benzaiten. In less-common forms she is depicted naked or as Uga Benzaiten (esoteric form). Her messenger is the snake, so she is sometimes shown mounted on a serpent or dragon. Goddess of Learning, Eloquence, Music, Poetry, Speech, Rhetoric, Wealth, Longevity; Protects against natural disaster; Inventor of Sanskrit; River Goddess'.

Taken from the following link:

The fabulous image of Benten was found on the following site but it does not say who it is attributed to:


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