Autumn Warmups!!

With winter around the corner in the Land of Oz I've collected some recipes from family and friends to warm the cockles of your heart.

From David Rowland's kitchen, a Blues pioneer of Australian music ..(drummer/Phil Jones & the Unknown Blues) ...(and interestingly enough with one of my own Mum's favourites) - a down to the bone recipe from his kitchen too!

Pea & Ham for the Winter Blues

Get a ham-bone from the butchers and a pack of dried split
peas from the supermarket. Rinse the peas and leave to soak. Put it all in a
pot and cook until tender. Season to taste and enjoy:)

Thanks David.

I've decided to cook it tonight!!!!Can't wait to tell you how it went!! The report is, not as good as Mums!!!

Now for a recipe from my cousin Kerry Thorp! That same cousin who was born in America. I wanted to hang out with that cowboy kid and indeed I did but I never got to wear the suit! Well here's one of that cowboy's  favourite recipes...

..and an abfab piccie of Kerry, his beautiful wife Robyn and their daughter Melissa. Robyn is greatly missed and is journeying on but her smiling generous heart lives on....

Cousin Kerry's Cowboy Soup!

Buy packet fresh soup vegetables with / plus celery, couple lamb shanks or lamb fore quarter chops ( all from supermarket), cup of dried soup mix (lentils/split peas etc), salt, pepper, clove of garlic if you want,tin of tomatoes, cover with water - simmer couple of hours, add handful or two of small noodles - serve when noodles are cooked.

Yet to be tried out...but thanks Kerry!  Enjoy that spa!

Now from the kitchen of another Ozzie, the lovely Gail Malone:

"Smoked Cod Chowder"..

Hi Janice, this is a beautiful soup I made up myself. All amounts approx as I don't measure. To one's own taste, I think is the phrase.

I made this soup up on the spur of the moment...last minute was just something thrown together from ingredients that I had in the herb garden, larder and fridge. So it's quick, easy and delicious. I guess you could substitute another variety of fish, it would work. My Mum purchased me a pack of frozen cod
when she found it at Aldi, as she remembered how much I loved it. When I was a kid on Friday nights in winter, we often had scotch haddock that she gently cooked in milk, we then put lashings of butter on it.....ah
the days before we knew about hardening of the arteries. So this soup evolved from that i.e. cooking the fish in milk and I just extended it. Cheers Gail

Smoked haddock (Aldi has it frozen, 3 pieces), simmered in milk until it can be
flaked. Remove fish, flake. Strain milk and reserve.
1 Onion, chopped and sautéed in olive oil
Add water to onion (approx a 2 litres) and add cubed potatoes (2) and corn
kernels (2 fresh ears or 1 med. tin)
Cook until tender, add flaked haddock (be careful of tiny bones) and reserved
milk, bring just to boil. Remove from heat add cream (1 cup) and a handful of
fresh chopped parsley and season.

If you are a dieter, you can make it on all lite milk....just be careful as the
milk can easily catch and give the soup a smoky taste.

I hope you like this, I made it for a dinner party last week and everyone
adored it.

Still to try it out but can't wait Gail - thank you

p.s.Chef Kerry alerted us to the difference between Smoked Haddock and Smoked Cod! To quote:
'Smoked cod and smoked haddock are different fish - they are NOT the same - one is thicker than the other - I think it's hard to get smoked haddock now - it's all smoked cod - which is also great just cooking it as is on the barbie!!!'

Copyright ingredients for the photos provided by the above cooks...David Rowlands, Kerry Thorp &  Gail Malone!!!


David Rowlands said…
In reference to my pea and ham soup recipe, I should have provided more info on "season to taste". The soup is bland and requires seasoning to lift the taste. Suggestions include garlic, garlic salt, paprika, chili, ginger, mustard, or curry powder. If you make a large quantity of unseasoned soup you can have a different seasoning for each meal and even mix the seasonings for more variety.

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