An Interview with Shele Parker

Jan.s: Shele, We've only met recently but there's a sense of like- mindedness. You're on a journey of discovery through a number of creative means...tell us about one of them. Shele: Which one? (laughing). I only just today finished a painting, but later tonight I intend on writing for my next zine, and then I'll work on some photos I've taken...(seriously!) The one thing that serves as an umbrella to all of my creative endeavours is the themes which I tend to work within. Whether its a painting, writing, photography, drawing, or modelling, I work on the principle of celebrating the ordinariness of everyday life. I am constantly inspired due to the practice of observing 'ordinariness'. By ordinariness, I mean to include everything one commonly considers as humdrum, or boring, and definitely and absolutely those things that people don't even consider because they're so very common. This is the platform from which I like to operate on. An image can spark a story, a conversation a comic strip... Working on the theme of ordinariness is also therapeutic for me as much as it is professional. I am for the most part, for many of my days inspired and content, as it is the simple things that impress and amaze me. It reinforces within me that it is the simple things that are the most poignant, and certainly, the most important. That's my answer, hope you like it.


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