Giving thanks, from the heart to all who touch our lives

What a week! With raging bushfires in Victoria and such a tragic loss of life, loved animals, native flora and wildlife...My thoughts and prayers go out to all. To a talented actor and kindly soul, Reg Evans with whom I had the great good fortune to work with alongside Theatre Director, Beverly Melbourne many years ago, I would like to pay tribute to you and your partner Angela...and to all who perished in the fires in Victoria. Om mani padma hung. 'May all beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. May all beings attain enlightenment. Now here on a rainy old Blueys afternoon...after such a contrast of temperatures in the 40's last Saturday, I give thanks for this precious life and wish that all beings be free from harm. Taking respite from the weeks ravages, I've discovered a little bit of inspiration on the following blog...As I'm knew to blogging I still can't figure out quite where to put things! Nonetheless here it is! As a child the world of small toys, especially anything 'old world' captured my imagination and gave me delight...As an adult it still inspires me...The effigies made of human beings cross all cultures and yet are symbols that can embody the myths and magic that speak of our dreams and every day lives... Come and Be Inspired!


Anonymous said…
hello jan.s Just wanted to stop in, say hello and thank you for posting about me and my blogs. I truly appreciate it. Your blog is lovely! :) Take Care!
jan.s said…

I apologize that I've not responded to your lovely comment before but I hadn't discovered it! Sending my very best wishes your way Little Fragment Studio...You've inspired me to post again!

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