Fare-welling Australian great, percussionist, Ian Bloxsom. Journey well Ian!

Fare-welling the gracious and gifted 'Blocko', Ian Boxsom.

Ian contributed to two of my first soundscapes 'llenoil' (MD the late and great Tony Ansell) and later Ian added his wizardry to my collaboration with installation artist Sue Callanan for ABC/Fm's The Listening Room, 'Red Rover Crossover'.

Thank you Ian for never placing a doubt before me of where we could take those pieces. Forever grateful for your friendship and support. Travel well on the wings of love....my deepest condolences to your family and friends near and far, we all love you and will hold you close to our hearts always.....om mani padma hum om mani padma hum om mani padma hum

Janice Slater, December, 2019, Blue Mountains, Australia.

If you don't know of Ian's formidable contribution to Australian music, some of the following links will provide you with music to enjoy.

Crossfire live @ The Montreux Jazz Festival, the complete set
Jim Kelly, Mark Riley, Greg Lyon, Ian Bloxsom, Tony 'Spoons' Buchanan, Michael Kenny


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