Janice:  Hilde, I'm so excited to hear that you have a new CD about to be released.  Can you give us an idea of the content?
Hilde: Thank you dear Janice, I’m more than excited myself and at the same time it’s like sending my child out in the world on its own for the first time. :)

In my opinion this is my most personal and original album. I am taking you with me out on the ocean, you’ll be flying with the birds, diving with whales and much more.
You’ll find beautiful ballads, and a very special, groove-based a capella composition called “The End – TBA”.
On this album I have composed and written lyrics for seven out of nine tracks, done all the music-arrangements, I’m playing all instruments on 75 % of the tracks, and I did all vocals.
The album is called 'Quiet Dreams' after one of the compositions.
On this recording I'm creating my own little universe. 
Triggered by being asked to write the commission work for Tall Ships Races 2015 I started composing more music and by this exploring new sides in my musical universe.
Water has always been a huge part of my life and I love this element. Because of this I called the Tall Ships composition «Sea Stories».

When I went to the studio I brought with me part 1, 2 and 3 from this commissioned work and composed some more to bring with me too. AND I also brought with me a lullaby called «Nu til hvile går" written by my great grandmother. My great grandmother sang this for my grandmother, she sang it for my mother, my mother sang it to me and I sang it for my son when he was little.

Janice: Who are the players?
Hilde: The content is maybe a little bit different from what most people know of/about Hilde Hefte. Hopefully the music speaks for itself - AND I am so proud both of this album and myself.
The players and few (and excellent), but the main work is done by me. :)

Hilde Hefte: All vocals, sansula, xylophone, Fender Rhodes, piano, various percussion, water-percussion, singing bowles, bracelet-shaker, triangle.
Egil Kapstad: Piano (on three tracks)
Simen Hefte: Soda-percussion (on one track).
 Janice:  Always great to hear of your projects Hilde, I know you have a great following near and far.  Wishing your latest CD much success!

Album tracks:
1. Come Fly With Me - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, sansula)
2. The Sea - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, perc., water-perc., whale-sounds, singing bowles, bracelet shaker, triangle)
3. Quiet Dreams - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, Egil Kapstad piano)
4. Mother and Son - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, Fender Rhodes, xylophone)

5. Nu til hvile går - Family lullaby (Hilde Hefte all vocals, Egil Kapstad piano)

6. Liten stemming - Egil Kapstad (Egil Kapstad piano)

7. Throw It Away - Abby Lincoln (Hilde Hefte all vocals, Fender Rhodes)

8. And Even More - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte vocal, piano)

9. The End – TBA - Hilde Hefte (Hilde Hefte all vocals (A cappella))
Love and hugs and all that’s good from me to you.


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