Summer here in Australia & it's June!

Welcome bentenlaughing readers!  Thank you for arriving here!

I live in the Blue Mountains of Australia & we're experiencing unseasonable weather but (currently) I'm not complaining....winter's can be bitter here!  Nonetheless it's a red alert for what may be up ahead.

I apologize that I've not posted consistently over the last twelve months but now I'm back on track!

Benten is still at the helm of my little boat!  We sail across calm & stormy seas and  along the way; I hope to gather more stories to share with you and any gleanings I discover along the way on the nature of change!

I'd also like to continue to share with you my (albeit) brief interviews with artists, singers, writers, musicians, and healer friends.

For instance; I've been creating a series of soundscapes with Kirk Kadish, and Jack Clift, my two cherished New Mexico based musician/composer friends and soon we'll have tracks for you to download via Nimbit.

Have a listen to the four new ambient tracks by 'arterial flow' WATERDANCE.

 for purchase on Nimbit link as follows: Go to Store to listen to sample tracks; cheers! We hope you enjoy them.

You can also follow us & hear us on soundcloud.  Do say helloe!


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