The wonderful artwork of Jacqueline van Leeuwenstein

Jacqueline van Leeuwenstein lives in Arnhem, the Netherlands and works as an artist/illustrator. She illustrates for various publishers, children's books and books for adults. She also makes wooden objects and drawings/paintings. She hopes to have her own original style and I assure she has!

Janice:  Jacqueline you create drawings which are whimsical and yet over brimming with the realities of life!  Where did your particular focus for these characters begin?

Jacqueline: That is difficult to say. If it is an illustration I focus on the story. But if it is a drawing for my self I start with an idea and when I am working that always changes.The end result is never the same as the idea I had. So there must  always be a next one.

Janice:   Your output is prolific! Do you draw every day?

Jacqueline: Almost every day. I try to work as much as I can. I also make wooden sculptures and smaller objects and brooches. When I don’t want to work/draw I make dresses for myself and sometimes I do nothing at all....but not that often.


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