An interview with Lars Jansson

 Lars and Harvey Mason

Jan.s:   Lars, you are a composer and a jazz pianist. To begin with, would you like to share with us your project 'What's New’?

Lars: Whats New was my first trio recording with my son Paul Svanberg, drums and Danish bass player Thomas Fonnesbaek. That CD consisted most of standards and a few own compositions. Last month this year I recorded with the same trio a new upcoming CD with new original music of mine. "A gentle heart" Lars Jansson Trio (Spice of Life) 

Jan.s:  Lars, the first image I remember seeing of you on your myspace page was of you sitting in zazen....the formal Zen medtation practice.  Has practicing zazen influenced your playing, composition, music?

Lars: Of course, everything in life affects your music and the opposite; through music you learn more about yourself and life.

Jan.s:  I recently viewed a wonderful video of a Yabusame performance in which your music 'Under the Bodhi Tree' is used.  Can you tell us about your involvement with this project? 

Lars: Yabusme ask the permission to use my music and I said yes. The greatest thing for a composer is when somebody wants to play or use for music in a good context. 

Jan.s:   During your career, you've accompanied a number of great singers and have recorded an album with Soren Lampe, 'Not Too Fast' where you've also collaborated on a number of tracks with Soren. On a youtube video it's clear that you have a lot of ease in working together.

Lars:    Sören is actually an amateur singer but a great friend and a beautiful person. He likes to do recordings now and then.

During this recording I got to know my bass player Thomas Fonnesbaek who now is a steady member of my trio. These days I do duo concerts with Danish vocalist Sinne Eeg, and Swedish singer Karolina Vucidolac who wrote texts to my songs in portages.  

Lars and his Grandchild, Hilda.

 Summer house in vinter

Many thanks to you Lars for sharing your time with me. jan.s

All photos: Courtesy of and copyright of Lars Jansson


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