An interview with Chisayo Lewis

Jan.s: Chisayo, you create objects which are whimsical and yet full of life!  How & where did your interest for creating your art  begin...?

Chisayo: My grand mother was a kimono dress maker. She gave me lots of off cuts and taught me how to make simple bags.

My mother loved  sewing and knitting also. 

I always watched them. It was amazing to see how a flat piece of material was turned into a bag, a dress, a flower, decorations...I started sewing when I was about 10.  I learnt sewing at highschool then I went to kimono dress making school and learnt how to make Kimonos.

When I had my first child 10 years ago,  I started making  soft toys for my daughter.  
One day, I made a felt cake for my daughter and she loved it very much and I was happy too, so I made another felt cake the very next day. Then I made a hamburger, a hot dog, sushi...and I kept making different things.
I especially love to work with felt because of the texture. It's easy to work with and I can ues all of my imagination in the creations.
One of my friends saw my creations and said to me that I should sell them. Then I started focusing on making things for the Art & Craft Markets.


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