ARTERIAL FLOW....a musical journey through the fluid systems

This is an introduction to the process that I entered into in order to create ARTERIAL FLOW and I will be happy to share with you this process in future posts.  I'd love to receive your feedback!

I'd like to begin by sharing part of the journey made to create 'Arterial Flow' with my collaborator Kirk Kadish.

'It is the mind that stops the flow and a change of mind that will release it too. We simply follow the course of nature, the natural pathways and rhythms, with our mind, and the fluids will respond'. 'The Wisdom of the Body Moving' by Linda Hartley.

janice slater & kirk kadish

1: ARTERIAL FLOW (Arterial Flow)
2 VENUS RED (Venous Blood)
3 CAP ICE (Isoring Fluids)
5 CLOUD OF UNKNOWING (Cerebro Spinal Fluids)
6 PANAMA (Interstital Fuids)
7 BIOS (Cellular Fluids)
8 RHYTHM BRIDGE (Synovial Fluids)
9 THE LOVING ARCH (Connective Tissue )

Sample 'ARTERIAL FLOW' tracks can be heard on the myspace and Centrifuge music links.  Downloads can be purchased via facebook link as on this page as well as on myspace.

ARTERIAL FLOW was born of a vocal response to the work of the wonderful writings of Linda Hartley in her book 'Wisdom of the Body Moving' .

Specifically via Linda's in depth explorations of the Fluid Systems.

Exploring the Fluid Systems kinaesthetically was an exciting process for me!

In addition, working alongside USA  composer Kirk Kadish was nothing short of awesome! Although Kirk and I had not met face to face we managed to keep the channels of communication open in a free flow of enhancing each other's musical explorations through the creation of  'ARTERIAL FLOW'.

Whilst 'The Fluid Systems' of the body may seem an unusual premise to base a CD of music on...each system lead me to discover a vocal response to an inner landscape of near imperceptible movement...

May 'Arterial Flow'  inspire you  to explore the nature of body/mind/spirit.

A thank you for the inspiration and the  invaluable body of work of both Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Linda Hartely.  Also a big thank you to Jacqui Bushell for allowing me to have her copy of 'Wisdom of the Body Moving' for longer than any book should be on loan for....!!!

I also would like to thank Australian artist Beth Norling for her extraordinary artwork and her graciousness in allowing  it to be on the cover of 'Arterial Flow'....

From an original art work by Beth Norling: etched plasticine on found print.


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