Hypnagogue Review for Arterial Flow

I'd like to share with you the first review that my sound scape collaboration with USA jazz composer Kirk Kadish has yielded...a great review from John Shanahan in his Hypnagogue Review...I'll share more with you soon on the process of how 'arterial flow' developed...meanwhile.... 'Strap in, friends. It's going to be an experimental ride. Courtesy of the boundary-free nature of the internet, Maryland-based Kirk Kadish and Aussie chanteuse Janice Slater, who have never actually met, have pulled together a twisted sonic knot of intriguing and often daring pieces of music. Largely based around taking Slater's voice and running it through an array of filters, processes and straightforward editing, it';s a solid effort with only minor mis-steps. "Arterial Flow" (the track) opens with tribal drums and a repeating sample of Slater's voice rising amid an effect like she's singing through the back of a fan. (This is not a critique of the sound; it's the best way I could find to describe it.) "Bios" and "Cap Ice" are dark, chilly flows, slow pans across a dead landscape. "Cap Ice" in particular has a certain hold-your-breath quality to it, a tint of dread. I'm entranced by "Crystal Delta," where layered, snipped clips of Slater singing scat-style zig-zag over a simple, jazzy piano-and-drum beat. Hypnotic, and just on the right side of being too repetitive. I find myself falling into the sparse simplicity of "The Loving Arch," where wayward guitar notes express themselves over a rush of electric wind. The wind pares away to a drone, and then re-emerges--if I had to guess, what we have here is one background track that rises to a point, the reverses and comes back down. A lovely piece. "Panama" is an immersive ambient drone, with Slater's ghostly tones drifting in and out. You could loop this one for hours. The closing track, "Venus Red" is another calming piece featuring a drone and a reversed (unless I'm mistaken) voice--the effect has a strange, almsot sacred feel to it. Considering its cross-global origin, Arterial Flow presents a simpatico blend of styles, a chemistry that works fairly effortlessly. It's a good first effort that I hope prompts more work from Kadish and Slater'.











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