An Interview with Wendi Forbes

Jan.s: Wendi, you are a renowned healer in the Blue Mountains, you're a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and you're going through a sea change! Can I ask you about your 'take' on change? Wendi: Here you go Janice.... Thank you for the challenge - it has been good to try and put this in words and to have to think about it. Change? Tricky .... that's like asking a girl what her personal response to infinity is. Its left me gob smacked for a few weeks. Change is one of the constants in our reality at any level. It is something which has fascinated me as long as I remember. Our experience of Consciousness is so linked to our experience of and perception of Self and Other, which is in a state of constant change. This is something I am facing in every relationship. Even the aspects of our lives which we view as static, such as rock,is in a state of ongoing movement and change. In thinking about this question I am returning over and over again to both Science,"energy is not lost, it changes form/manifestation " ( a soft version of 1st Law of Thermodynamics), and Buddhist practice, " form is emptiness, emptiness is form" ( The Heart Sutra) Jan.s: Wendi! You've planted quite a few seeds for us to contemplate on...thank you. Here's Wendi's website - please take a look at her amazing array of healing essences!


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