Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Interview with Kirk Kadish.

Jan.s: You're an accomplished pianist/composer Kirk and you have many musical projects running concurrently in a variety of modalities... What and who are your major musical influences? Kirk: I think Duke Ellington summed up my point of view when he said, "There are only two kinds of music: good music and bad music." I can't really describe very well how I decide what's "good" or "bad". I just know that a piece of music will either strike a resonant emotional chord in me or not. And that very discernible effect can change over the years or even from day to day. Today, for instance, jazz/R&B singer, Rachelle Ferrell, has really been speaking to me. And I heard a Peter Kater tune earlier that also just grabbed me. When I listened to him the other day, he wasn't really working for me. So I guess that makes me very fickle! Long-standing influences? Let's say Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Brian Eno, and Pat Metheny for starters. Then there's this young lady from "down undah" who's been impressing me a lot lately with her innovative, original, and inspirational vocal creations. She truly has a musical mind unfettered by convention or old, worn-out rules. Can anyone guess of whom I speak? Hope so! ;o) -------------------- nb: Kirk Kadish & I have a soon to be released CD, titled 'ARTERIAL FLOW'. Keep watching this space for it's soon to be announced release!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Part Three - Hilde Hefte - Norwegian Jazz and Randi Hultin.

Jan.s: Norway has produced a number of unique Jazz artists. I first became aware of a number of them during the early 80's. Terje Rypdal, Jan Garbarek and Karin Krog to name a few but there were no doubt countless others. Would you share with us what you feel allowed the Norwegain Jazz scene to develop in such a rich and unique way?

Hilde: Your last question is simple and easy, good “jazz-workers”. There lived a person in Norway named Randi Hultin. If it hadn’t been for her the story would have been different I think.

She was close friends with all the greatest American jazz musicians and she managed to get them to visit Norway, doing concerts, playing with the Norwegian musicians – and she arranged jam sessions in her own house almost every night.

She planted the seed for a lawn for all jazz musicians in Norway to walk on. That’s one of the main reasons.

The other one is that every jazz musician in Norway worked with each other no matter age, generation, color or genre within jazz.

The old ones got the playfulness from the young ones and the young ones got the depth from the old ones.

Everybody was lifting each other up and helped each other, no jealousy, no “no you can’t do this, you can’t play, you can’t sing” etc. etc.

Randi Hultin gave every Norwegian jazz musician the opportunity to play, record with there idols from the US. This was in the 50’s, 60’s mostly, but then the ground was made for all the things that happened later.

When I recorded my first solo jazz album 1999 Randi Hultin used all her contacts, even the head of the magazine Down Beat. She called him and told him about the record, sent it to him and he wrote about the CD in Down Beat. She did things like this for everybody and of her own free will, never getting paid, but in the love for the music. This is only one of the reasons, but it’s too long to write about it all here.

Jan.s:  Hilde, thank you so much for enriching us with your story of Randi Hultin and of the camaraderie shared amongst jazz musicians in Norway.  So many have no doubt benefited by Randi's  incredible passion & commitment  to  jazz.  May her memory live on and may you continue to create and record such wonderful music.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

An interview with Australian/Italian Singer/songwriter, Aurielle Sciorilli. Jan.s: Aurielle, I've known you since you were three years old! Singing in the cupboard, seeing you running around at many birthday parties, and playing pinyata with your friend, my goddaughter, Lale. I've watched you both grow into a beautiful young women now pursuing successful careers in the entertainment industry, you as a singer/songwriter and Lale, as an actor! Now you're living in Italy and working on your first album. Tell us about some of the journey you've been on. Aurielle: It's been interesting for me, I left Australia with only a vague intention of finding my path. As you are know, after having private singing lessons with you I began studying with Joy Yates at the Conservatorium of Music which introduced me to my love of jazz. So when I arrived in Italy I began singing in a jazz trio in Milan which brought attention to my voice and lead to where I'm at now. Jan.s How does it feel to reconnect with your Italian musical roots? Aurielle: My father and I have begun writing songs and our voices are complimentary together. He had never heard me sing before and when he heard me sing one of his songs he was almost in tears. It was a beautiful moment. When I first arrived in Italy, my family showed me musical scores by my Grandfather, Eros Sciorilli. Later he wrote for Broadway Musicals. My father was also a very successful singer/songwriter in Italy. Jan.s: Back to your visit in Australia...Now tell me what you're up to? Aurielle: As you know I'm a single mother. I was feeling a bit homesick and I was missing my daughter. Along with that my Italian family are keen to meet her, so I'll be taking her back with me. Also I needed some sunshine and some soulful chats with my old girlfriends. It was the time to be here. Jan.s: So when you return to Italy, what are your plans? Aurielle: Wow Janny! I have so many irons in the fire! Too many to be healthy! First i want to spend some time introducing my daughter to the family and settling her into the Italian way of life for awhile. Then I'm going to get really focused and finish this album....hopefully using some of Robyne Dunn's songs (which I adore). Also I've met a great American DJ "Dr. Feelx' and I'm planning to collaborate with him too. I also have an Italian film coming out in February where I sing one of my originals, 'Wanderlust'. It's an exciting time!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ms Jessica Gerger and that kiss!

WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Apologies that I couldn't add 'The Kiss' photo Jessica Gerger sent me...with the New Year my brain is beginning to become slightly...functional! Here 'tis!